Joelanta Weekend Continues

Another quick note from beautiful Atlanta, GA…

Yesterday was a great opportunity to catch up with fellow Joeheads from all around the country. Now today, as I write this, I’m waiting to go into today’s massive Sunday selling event. Dealers are getting a late start setting up and are still wheeling huge tubs and boxes up and down the halls, creating a veritable mountain of GIjOEs inside for the unsuspecting public waiting eagerly in the lobby.

In addition, the premiere of a gigantic 1/6th scale “The General” train diorama has the crowd buzzing. “How big did they say it was again?” is a commonly overheard phrase. I’m learning a lot about this type of show, how it is produced, and am full of  exciting ideas for the future. Can’t wait to see how today goes. Let’s get this party started. GO JOE!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Joelanta Weekend Continues

  1. Dennis Widner says:

    I met Mark the first time at Joelanta 2012 this past Sunday. A very wonderful fellow. A real credit to the GI Joe Community and an great info source for us Joeheads. I thought Joelanta went well considering the economy. Lots of great deals. I was able to sell some of my creations and other Gi Joe trinkets. Met a bunch of wonderful folks. It was my 5th Joelanta. Plan on doing many more. CYA next year !

  2. Dennis is SO modest. His “creations” are truly 1/6th scale MASTERPIECES. Much more on this amazing man and his work coming soon!

  3. toysgot2go says:

    It was great to meat you at Joelanta… so glad you could come. I enjoy your website and look forward to reading your articles.

    Still thinking about that M 3 Tank Destroyer that I missed out on…glad you will give it a good home.

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