2 New GIjOE-Geyperman Collector Websites

Screen shot of the new Geyperman website shows its colorful, “retro-graphic” style.

Fans of GIjOE’s long-lost Spanish cousin, “Geyperman” now have TWO fantastic places on the internet to turn to for information and support. The first is the beautiful, new Geyperman website. Professionally designed and produced, this site perfectly mimics 1960s-70s equipment “window box” packaging, even reusing the vintage artwork along each side.

The site clearly originates in Spain and all of its text is in Spanish. But if you’re really curious as to what they’re saying, it can easily be translated using any online translation site. Simply copy and paste the text and then request “translate to English.” It may not be perfect, but you’ll be able to follow along well enough with what they’re saying.

We also love the site’s clean, colorful retro-graphics and its upbeat presentation of Geyperman’s history and variety. Information-wise though, the site is pretty slim. It mainly serves to whet a viewer’s appetite, leaving him or her hungry for even MORE details about Geyperman! Fortunately, that’s where Facebook comes in handy.

Screen shot of the Geyperman Facebook page.

In fact, the new Geyperman Facebook Page (GFP) is quickly becoming a real hot-spot on the ‘net for all things Geyperman. At the time of the writing of this article, the GFB page had over 400 “Likes.” That’s a LOT of dedicated fans following all of those daily posts, photos and other information being presented. Clearly, Geyperman’s fan force is going stronger every day and regularly uses the internet to stay connected. Congratulations to the builders of both wonderful sites. Go Geyperman!


5 thoughts on “2 New GIjOE-Geyperman Collector Websites

  1. kneonknight says:

    I was intrigued, so had a look. Surprisingly, my High School Spanish served me remarkably well. I was able to get the gist, if not the nuances, of the site in Spain. It is kind of sparse though…perhaps in time, they will expand and feature more photos.

  2. Paulo Duarte says:

    Hi Everyone !

    These 2 sites are not only about Geyperman Fans … they are about Geyperman Re-edition !!!! 4 references have already been produced … more to come shortly !!!!


  3. Juan C. Vázquez says:

    It´s a great site for the Geyperman collectors, and the site iwww.facebook.com/groups/geypermaniacos for all 1/6 collectors, Geyperman , Gi joe, Action Man, Action Joe…………

  4. simon says:

    where can i buy one

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