Lost A-T “bootleg” Shown for the First Time!

A rare photo of our agent's mysterious "Black Submarine" as it surfaced only briefly to hand over the video.

EXCLUSIVE to the Joe Report!

Great news! A long, agonizing 3-year wait is finally over for all GIjOE fans, especially “Fuzzheads” and those who crave everything… ADVENTURE TEAM! Our resourceful undercover agent has successfully slipped out through the A-T island submarine nets and returned safely with a complete “bootleg” of the world’s greatest A-T animation EVER (the one by Dana Rausch).

The agent’s footage is raw and uncut, so you’ll get to see EVERY SECOND of that long-missing, behind-the-scenes “Headquarters” footage. The very scenes that were once deemed too high a security risk by the Commander himself! Due to the sensitive material contained in this video, we recommend that you lock your doors first and then turn your computer’s volume UP. You’ll want to hear every sound clearly. But don’t wait! Once the Commander discovers it’s leaked out, he may ban THIS FOOTAGE again for another 3 years!


4 thoughts on “Lost A-T “bootleg” Shown for the First Time!

  1. kneonknight says:

    Granted, the Commander is a crafty old bird, but I don’t think he could possibly stop all the potential bootlegs of this bootleg. Not that I support the illegal redistribution of copyrighted materials, just a comment on modern technology.

    Great stuff. I always suspected there was a helipad and garage at the ATHQ, now I know my hunch was right.

  2. GIJOEBILL says:

    I will agree with the kids watching…”YEEAAHHH!!YEEAAHHH!!”
    Great video and love the new edit job.

    Makes you wonder …what could have been.
    Hasbro ya blew it!! Not to late….

    • kneonknight says:

      Bill, I totally agree…try this, if you have the means. Take the desert camo BDU from the Classic Collection Infantryman, and put it on a vintage or Timeless Joe.

      Add his vintage Green Beret and vintage M-16 and black boots.

      Now, tell me that doesn’t look awesome.

      And please have someone try to explain why a new uniform =a new figure? That’s why the last couple of decades were a failure. Honestly, do you need 5286 figures, or just a handful you can change out with different kit as the mood strikes?

  3. kneonknight says:

    I noted that the operative who obtained this footage smuggled it out “in her purse” according to the YouTube notes.

    Aurora is still busy out in the desert, so who is this new femme fantastique?

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