Undercover Agent successfully shoots “bootleg” of lost A-T animation!

Tantalizing image from a recent top-secret screening seems to show never-before-seen "lost footage."

Just a quick update on the actions of our undercover agent (i.e. “spy”) who was recently dispatched to attend the Adventure Team’s secret screening of a never-before-seen, extended-length A-T animation created by one of the world’s top animators, Dana Rausch.

Our agent sent back this tantalizing still image today, supposedly taken from a “bootleg” video he managed to capture while mingling with the audience at the screening. It seems to show either the Man of Action or the Commander himself (!) about to enter some kind of secret complex. Cool! (I wonder what’s behind that door?)

Anyway, the last we heard, our undercover agent was returning home via the “Black Submarine” and should be back very soon. We can’t WAIT to see this bootleg. It may not be perfect, but at least we’ll finally get to watch what’s in that “lost footage” after all these years!


One thought on “Undercover Agent successfully shoots “bootleg” of lost A-T animation!

  1. kneonknight says:

    Careful analysis indicates that the still shows the AT Commander himself-kelly green jungle fatigues and the full sideburns/beard are key markers. I am still puzzling over the electronics console to the right-the viewscreen shows what appears to be either a LandSat image of some (currently) unknown location or my mother in-law’s face ( I kid, I kid, mum in law is actually a lovely Predator, er, I mean “woman”) and the protective grid over an emergency loudspeaker system. I am also wondering about the “door” the Commander is standing in front of-either it is made of corrugated steel, or is a high-tech anti-espionage sound baffle. But why paint a glaringly obvious portrait of Joe and the bright red G.I. Joe graphics on an entenace to the headquarters? Either it’s a trap, or an attempt at gallows humor.

    In any event, Godspeed to our man in the field. I am recommending he receive recognition for this feat of derring-do, and a promotion at the very least.

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