Company making 3-D Head Sculpts…of YOU!

This sculpt (above), was created from these two photos resulting in a VERY realistic appearance. (Photo:

Having a custom head sculpt made of yourself used to require a lot of artistic talent and money. But now, thanks to modern technology and the entrepreneurial idea of a new company called, it’s both easy and yes, reasonably affordable.

All you have to do is send them a photo of your face. They’ll use the photo to create a 3-dimensional computer model, from which they utilize 3-D printing technology to produce a photo-realistic plastic head sculpt that fits onto any 12″ (1/6th scale) action figure. You may be wondering, “Is it that simple?” Well, yes. It’s really is. According to their website:

Imagine the coolness of having your own “Mini Me.” (Photo:

“ specializes in patent-pending technologies that transform 2-D portraiture into 3-D sculptures. From just one frontal photo (and optionally a side photo), a photo-realistic 3D preview of your final personalized action figure head is made–for FREE.

Upon your approval of the preview, a personalized head sculpt is created out of a resin composite in full 24-bit color ($99+). Our various custom-made head sculpt designs can fit on most standard 12-inch male action figure bodies and dolls including Barbie, Bratz, MyScene, Liv, Moxie Girlz, Tammy, Sindy, Winx, Pullip, 8-inch Mego, female 12-inch action figure bodies and even vintage GIjOES.”

Wow! This is clearly a ‘game changer’ in many respects. Now it’s possible to create the head sculpt of almost ANY obscure or unique individual. It can be you, a family member, a friend, an actor nobody’s heard of, an historic figure–anyone! If you can provide a good, clear, front-facing photo, this company will make the head for you. AND…they even provide a selection of pre-dressed figures to help you further along with your custom. This puts some powerful customizing skills into the hands of just about everyone.

Need a bald Obama or a bald Bruce Willis? No problem! (Photo:

Of course, this technology is NOT perfect. All of TMF’s sculpts are initially made BALD. If you still have a full head of hair, seeing yourself as a mini “chrome dome” might not be what you had in mind. But they can also assist with this problem. For an additional fee (of course), they will provide any “follically-challenged” head sculpt with some sculpted hair or even a wig (see website for options).

Oddly shaped heads too, would be a problem. It’s doubtful that you could request a Medusa sculpt, with all her tiny snakes and such. Or a flat-topped noggin’ like Frankenstein. But regular, BALD human head sculpts? That seems very do-able right now. The rest is up to you and your wallet.

Another possible negative…since they’re using a 3D printer, the colors created can sometimes result in a sort of “dot” texture. And depending on the size and colors of the head sculpt, those dots can stand out…or not. For example, some of their African-American heads actually look really amazing, but some of the caucasian heads seem somewhat “dotty” in appearance. It’s probably due to the fact that darker heads have MORE dots, printing closer together, thereby creating a more REALISTIC final appearance. And of course, “printed” features will always tend to look dramatically different from all the painted eyes and eyebrows we’re used to seeing.

“Lt. Falcon” from the Trenches sent in this photo and now has a 3.75″ figure of himself! (Photo: Lt. Falcon)

I wondered if any Joeheads out there had already tried this new service and found that a LtFalcon had posted his experience over on the Trenches forum. Here’s what he had to say about the process…

“I had done self customs in the past and ran across and had to try it. Finally, I’m immortalized in plastic! They overlay your front and side picture profiles over a 3-D head model and 3-D print a head in color. The head surface is very frosty looking, and feels like a sand-blasted texture on a mold. I think the ones they make for 12″ Joes look much better than the 3 3/4 versions.”

Bottom Line: It seems that the quality of the photo you provide and the size of the head sculpt being created are the two main factors determining the quality of your final results. It’s likely that strong, darker features (black eyes, facial hair and thicker eyebrows) will probably print out better, with blond, lighter features not working out quite so well. Of course, you should always ask a lot of questions before forking over any dough. The good news right now is that TMF (currently) gives a FREE preview online, so you can always cancel if you don’t like what you’re seeing (in your preview pictures). Check their website for complete ordering details.


5 thoughts on “Company making 3-D Head Sculpts…of YOU!

  1. kneonknight says:

    Anyone who hasn’t checked out the website should do so immediately. In addition to the custom action figure and fashion doll heads, they have some rather unusual (and slightly creepy) portrait and mask options.

    I’m wondering if they can work in rorocast vinyl, as I think an animatronic self portrait would be just the thing to give my neighbors a good jolt of adrenaline.

    Yes, I am that one guy everyone knows who can take a perfectly normal technology and warp it to his own twisted desires. I really think I missed my calling.-I should be a supervillain. HAH!

  2. kneonknight says:

    It’s good to see someone stepping up to fil the “portrait” head market. Many folks who had dealings with Andgor Toys were either extremely satisfied or left with a very sour taste in their mouth, and there seemed to be no middle ground.

    LtFalcon is correct; the larger the head, the greater the detail-however, looking at the photo he suppied, even at 1/18 scale it is an amazing likeness.

    Sorry for the double-post. I have a cat who acts as my editor, and an inquisitive 4 year old. Both love to help the old fart with his interwebs.

  3. kneonknight says:

    Triple post, and expecting a banhammer-

    I can make a 12″ head and a 3-3/4″ head. A mini, mini me.


  4. kneonknight says:

    Back again-with an advisory. Due to the photo-printing method used in production, the smaller the scale, the darker that dark tones will be reproduced in critical areas. Look at the heads displayed on the fingers above, and you will note a subtle but distinct difference in the overall details. They seem more “pronounced” if anything, and this is not necessarily a flaw. If you were to actually reproduce light and shade on a figure 1/6 of your size, it would be the same as seeing yourself from 6x normal conversational distance of 2-3 feet.. Many of your distinguishing but subtle facial features (like that scar you got from your first time shaving)will totally disappear. But the basic broad strokes remain. LtFalcon is recognizable in 1:18 scale as in his “Mug Shot” due to the “overemphasis” of his distinct features. It’s not perfect, but remember the adage “perfect is the enemy of good enough”

    I personally plan to order a custom figure as a wedding gift for one of my young friends serving overseas. It will be well worth the price to hear her accuse me of “voodoo stalking”.

    Silly newboot.

  5. joseph says:

    I need four custom heads.

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