New “2-Minute Tips” Video Series

Screen shot from the video "Noggin Swappin'"

A month ago, I was recumbent in my office chair, with my mind on various 1:6 scale matters, when the phone rang. On the other end was longtime customer and Pittsburgh Joe buddy, Dennis DeGiglio. Dennis has long taken me up on my “Ask Mark” open phone policy. That’s where, over on my Patches of Pride (PoP) website, I’ve invited fellow Joeheads to consider me as their “phone-a-friend” for all things 1:6 scale.

After we had discussed his initial question, Dennis followed up with a comment like, “You know, Mark…you seem to know a lot about this stuff. You should make some short ‘how-to’ videos or something.” BING! What a great idea! I had already started adding some Central Illinois GijOE Club videos to my new PoP Video Channel and I thought that this would fit right in.

Thus, the idea of the new “2-Minute Tips” video series was born. For the first one, I wanted to start off with the simplest quick-fix idea out there: a vintage-style head swap. I had this blond Sea Adventurer (from Walmart, not a vintage) that had an almost non-fuzzhead noggin’ which had always bothered me. Over in my “spare heads” drawer (yes, I have one of those), I found the head that the club mailed out a few years back as a replacement for something and it seemed a PERFECT one to swap. And so, that’s the video. It’s called Noggin Swappin’. I hope you enjoy this new “how-to” video series and will stick with it as they “unspool.” As always, please feel free to leave your comments. That’s the way I keep learning!


One thought on “New “2-Minute Tips” Video Series

  1. kneonknight says:

    That head is really sad. It looks a lot like the “specials” Hasbro did for Meijer a few years back. At least they offered a replacement for it, and Joe looks like a new man after your expert surgery. A nice, helpful video that should be required watching for anyone contemplating swapping a fuzzhead…the boiling water method will absolutely WRECK the flocking.

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