Converting G.I. Joe Vehicles for Captain Action

Gary has extended a vintage GijOE MSV, added numerous exotic new gadgets and painted it all in "anti-crime" black paint.

Gary has extended a vintage GijOE MSV, added numerous exotic new gadgets and painted it all in “anti-crime” black paint. (All photos courtesy of Gary Stair) Click to enlarge.

Another view of Gary's astounding creation. The Captain never had it this good in the 1960s!

Another view of Gary’s astounding creation. The Captain never had it this good in the 1960s! Click to enlarge.

Holy Conversions, Cap’n!

The 1960s Captain Action (CA) toy line wasn’t around long enough to build up much of a vehicle fleet. In fact, the only CA vehicle ever produced was an amphibious “anti-crime” boat/car called the “Silver Streak.” This lack of alternative transport options has always made the captain’s fans somewhat jealous of GIjOEs and his armada of of vehicles and aircraft.

Customizer Gary Stair grew tired of waiting for Cap’s upcoming “second comeback” and decided to hurry things along a bit. Using existing vehicles from GIjOE and (ahem) Barbie, Gary has begun converting and customizing them into some of the coolest transports EVER! According to Gary…

A closeup of the cab section reveals more of Gary's superb custom detailing.

A closeup of the cab section reveals more of Gary’s superb custom detailing. Click to enlarge.

“After 30 plus years and a short revival (by Playing Mantis), I reflected upon my childhood memories about one of the best toys of my youth–Captain Action. But those memories were never quite complete as CA and his crew didn’t have any support vehicles to aid them in their fight against evil….namely Dr. Evil!

Gary's conversion of a Barbie plane into a flying CA command post.

Gary’s conversion of a Barbie plane into a flying CA command post. Click to enlarge.

“Ideal (and later Playing Mantis) never produced the vast array of vehicles or tools that GIjOE, James Bond and Action Man possessed. So I’ve tried my best to create additions to the CA team, as well as several new vehicles including an ‘Action Speedster,’ ‘Stealth Boat’ and (the grand-daddy of them all) an Action Mobile Command Unit.”

Closeup of the plane's interior.

Closeup of the plane’s interior. Click to enlarge.

“Currently, I’m in the process of completing a new CA Hovercraft, ala Jonny Quest-style. Each of these new vehicles will give Captain Action and his team a better chance to combat the evil-doers of the universe. Let Justice be done!”

Bottom Line: Hopefully, Gary’s amazing work will inspire others to try their hand at creating a custom figure or vehicle. And if you wonder what all those amazing new gadgets on his black, extended MSV are for, please leave him a comment. Gary knows!

12 thoughts on “Converting G.I. Joe Vehicles for Captain Action

  1. Joseph Benedetto says:

    This is a really great set of conversions … they are the kind of thing that every kid dreams of having. I am indeed impressed. Good job!

  2. kneonknight says:

    That is fantastic stuff, Gary. I can’t seem to bring myself to modify a vintage vehicle, with the one exception of a desert camo paint job I did on a friend’s Desert Patrol jeep. I do, however, admire the skill and imagination of hobbyists like yourself. The jet in particular has set me to thinking about the possibilities of some of the Barbie vehicles-i might just make a trip to the local Wal-Mart to see whats available over in the “pink aisle”. The only problem is I’ll have to buy two of anything I pick. One for the kids, and one to repurpose.

  3. Ed Catto says:

    Wow – just awesome! We can’t wait to put the NEW Captain Action figures in some custom vehicles!

  4. Dave says:

    Fantastic work, Gary! Nice to see additional vehicles for the Captain Action World.

  5. allen c.trembone says:

    Those Are So Cool,Keep Up The Good Work!

  6. Gary says:

    Hey GI JOE REPORT Viewers….Thanks for the Kudos! It is a LABOR of LOVE.
    I am looking forward to adding more vehicles to the Captain Action Family! – Stay Tuned – Gary

  7. great Job Gary ! I am not a fan of the new CA I collect only the vintage 1966 Ca figures I am looking for any Playing mantis parts I can get to repair missing parts I need both R/L forearms and hands from playing mantis CA figures cheap = )

    • Gary says:

      Hey CA HQ – Thanks for the message. I don’t have any loose parts, at present, but I will keep my eyes open for you! If I find them I will post here to let you know where to get them – Good Luck

  8. Steve Polzak says:

    That is some great work Gary. I’ve come across a couple of vehicles I will be doing myself. They’ll be kept in a way so they’re open in theme for use with G.I.Joe, Capt.Action AND Doctor Who. Hope you are still doing great things. Have fun!

  9. Garrison says:

    Embarrassingly… I actually had that barbie plane when I was a boy because we couldn’t afford the fancy expensive playmobil one I wanted. And I really wanted a jet with a detailed interior so badly.

    It was blue not pink. and I just didn’t put the “Barbie” stickers on it. I always liked riding on airplanes when I was little. I was (and still am) a big fan of aviation. It seemed like I used my rescue heroes with the Barbie plane. (though they couldn’t fit in the seats) and I possibly used my one Joe (the “basic training” one which was a hand me down, missing his weapons, belt and helmet).

    I can’t remember, but it seemed like we may have eventually gotten the playmobil one. It was so long ago and many of my old non lego toys are still in boxes out in the shed.

  10. Garrison says:

    Or I mean hat not helmet. This guy:

    But I don’t remember him having all those accessories. I don’t remember the box. because it was a hand me down from a friend.

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