First 4 Captain Action Uniform Sets Revealed

In addition to the all-new Captain Action and Dr. Evil action figures that were previously announced, there are now a total of FOUR new uniform sets to look forward to: Spiderman, Captain America, Thor and his evil brother, Loki! Some sets also appear to include various parts of a FIFTH uniform set for Hawkeye, the purple-clad archer of the Avengers (clever marketing strategy).

Most collectors already know that much of this new CA product line will be widely available at Toys ‘R Us. But if you’re worried about availability, or just don’t like leaving your basement (HA) you can also pre-order them now from online dealers such as Cotswold Collectibles, Timespacetoys and Mid-Town Comics.

These all look to be FUN, colorful, retro-inspired sets with classic 1970s Marvel Comics artwork on the packaging. If you’re a Captain Action or Superheroes fan, we recommend that you keep a close eye on the stores or pre-order them online now.


2 thoughts on “First 4 Captain Action Uniform Sets Revealed

  1. kneonknight says:

    WooHoo! As I have said elsewhere, I am really looking forward to this line. Thankfully, Cotswold Collectibles is carrying Cap-my basement is very comfortable, thank you.

  2. kneonknight says:

    Addendum-according to what I have found out due to diligent research (i.e. I live in my basement, have no life and am, in fact, a troll) ALL of the first wave costumes will contain a piece of Hawkeye’s costume. Not only smart marketing, but I think a nice little bonus for the truly diligent collector. Kind of a “buy x, get one free” deal.

    I wonder if this is intended only as an introductory offer, or will continue? Time will tell.

    I am especially psyched by this because I always thought Hawkeye was one of the better Avengers. Kind of like Batman, if you had enough time and money, you could possibly be just like him. Or so we thought as kids. Physics is a hard tutor-remind me to tell you about my 7 year old “Batarang” adventure. Epic failure, epic laughs.

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