1st Place “Crimson Stain” Video (Hilarious!)

Screen shot from "The Crimson Stain," a GIjOE fan video by David Pisani and Tod Pleasant.

The creative duo of David Pisani and Tod Pleasant (of “Regular Joes” fame) combined forces in 2008 to create this hilarious video for the GIjOE Collector’s Con Film Festival (it won 1st place). Essentially, it asks the question, “How many different ways can you kill a 3.75-inch Cobra figure?” Without giving more away, let’s just say that the ways they come up with are VERY funny. And don’t miss the GREAT surprise ending. Superb work, guys! Hopefully, your creative work will inspire others to explore this aspect of our great hobby. Okay…ROLL CAMERA!


One thought on “1st Place “Crimson Stain” Video (Hilarious!)

  1. kneonknight says:

    Great video, and a great ending. I always suspected the Adventure team was up to more than chasing hurricanes and plundering ancient Egyptian tombs. I especially liked the mixture of live action and stop motion animation-I grew.up on a steady diet of Ray Harryhausen films, and even messed around with it a bit in high school. It is grueling-a half hours work will get you maybe 2 seconds of footage if you fudge it.

    Maybe this will be the inspiration that motivates me to finish a script I’ve been working on for the origins of the Adventure team.

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