East Coast Armory Now in its 11th Year

(East Coast Armory photo)

For over 10 years now, an amazingly talented individual who goes by the screen name “Armorguy” has been creating handmade, custom upgrade parts for 1/6th scale armored vehicles. That’s right. By HAND. No fancy production lines, no foreign factories. The work is all done right here in the USA.

I discovered his scratch-built Tiger 1 Tank project over on the One Sixth Division forum recently, and it prompted me to do a little more research. Well, I am now officially speechless! If you have a moment, jump over there and take a look at some of his current “in progress” construction  photos. The amount of work that goes into each piece will amaze you. He literally makes all those intricately shaped pieces by hand, casting them in resin, carving in wood, inserting tiny metal bolts, whatever it takes. WOW. That’s dedication and talent. In fact, that’s military ART!

He also sells the fruits of his labor in terms of custom parts and more that are all made to order, WHEN you order them from his East Coast Armory website.There’s a ton of great pictures (like this one of his Tiger) to look through there as well. Absolutely stunning work. Congratulations, on 10+ years of excellence, “Armorguy.” We are simultaneously humbled and thrilled!


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