Chicago GIjOE Collector’s Club Rises Again

Club President Ron Biallas in 2008.

FLASH! Finally, some good news for GIjOE fans in the “Windy City!” After a lengthy period of inactivity, CGCC club member Kevin Bolger has just revealed that their club is in fact, NOT “kaput” as many had thought, and that it is planning to host another GIjOE/Action Figure Toy show this September. Here’s what Kevin had to say recently over on the Trenches Forum:

Kevin Bolger checks the attendance list during the 2010 Show.

“To paraphrase Mark Twain, the rumors of the demise of the Chicago GIjOE Club are greatly exaggerated. Unfortunately, life has interfered with the hobby for many of us, but we still get together a couple of times a year. Please don’t base our “demise” on fewer Trenches posts or not always hosting an annual show.

Dealer John Gilane (at the 2010 show) laughs as CIGCC member Robert Mitchell tries to bargain him down on some german bolt action rifles. As Robert put it later, “Hey, you can never have too many!”

We’re entering our 13th (?) year as a club and we’ve seen folks come into the hobby and go out of the hobby, but the “lifers” like me are still here. In fact, for those of you in the Chicago area (or who don’t mind making a little trip), please join us on Saturday March 10th from 10am – noon at the Schaumburg Township District Library (Schaumburg & Roselle Roads). We’ll be meeting on the 2nd floor in the Rasmussen North Room.

Fully RC vehicles were seen at previous shows.

And YES! We are planning on hosting a show this September, usual location in Algonquin, Illinois at the high school. Date and details will soon follow after our March meeting. Regards, Chicago Joe (aka Kevin Bolger)”

Bottom Line: It’s hard to keep a good club down. You guys have always done a tremendous job supporting our hobby. If you’re interested in what the Chicago club’s previous shows looked like, here’s coverage of 2008.
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7 thoughts on “Chicago GIjOE Collector’s Club Rises Again

  1. Aaron Klopfenstein says:

    Please contact me about the September toy show. I am a dealer and have been trying to pay for tables for a couple of months now. Beth at 847.975.1331 is no help. She keeps telling me she will e mail me the form, but doesn’t. I have thousands of loose GI Joe figures and vehicles to sell. If anyone has some helpful info., I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

  2. Vince says:

    Hi..I have an entire collection of 12 inch Joe’s for sale. I’ll be putting together an inventory today. Would like to sell the whole thing to a dealer if anyone is interested, there’s $ to be had for any dealer that picks these up! I too have been trying to buy a few tables at the Algonquin show with no success. I will however be at the toy show at Kane County Fair Grounds in October 2012. Anyone interested can contact me at for more details.

  3. darryl castillo says:

    i’m local to the area i have 2 sets that were passed down i’m interested in selling them they are gi joe collectors club tarawa invasion set and continental color guard 3rd u.s. infantry ” the old guard ” set both in excellent condition please email me for details

  4. Ryan K says:

    Looking forward to the show on September 9th!

  5. Dan Gutierrez says:

    My name is Dan. I am a joe collector. I came across a g.i.joe vest for 12 inch but cant identify what set its from. If I send an image or two would you be able to help me?


  6. Brendon Falsioni says:

    Great news, just moved here from overseas, and would like to become a member! How do I sign up or join?

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