Recreating Vintage War Photos as Dioramas

The original WW2 photo that inspired Peter's 1/6th scale recreation.

Here’s a creative and enjoyable offshoot of the 1/6th hobby that many fans haven’t yet tried or even considered possible. Others, such as “Peter the Painter” from the UK continue to prove that indeed, it is VERY possible! We’re talking about the recreation of exciting images captured in vintage photographs taken during WW2 or other periods–in miniature 1/6th scale.

Peter's stunning 1/6th scale recreation completely "fools the eye!"

Peter recently posted some prime examples of this artistic endeavour over on the OneSixthWarriors forum, clearly showing what IS indeed possible with just a little care and creativity. He chose an old, grainy photo from the Battle of the Bulge, showing 3 german troops running quickly across a dirt road. With great care, he painstakingly recreated the moment with exacting perfection. What a masterpiece!

In this final, colorized version, Peter brings the past to life!

Take a good look at the first “inspiration” photo (above left), then Peter’s amazing black and white recreation (above right), and finally his full-color version (left). Upon extremely close inspection, you might be able to detect that Peter has used a combination of miniature trees, grasses, some dirt and even a hand-painted backdrop. Put all together, the final result is completely convincing visually. It’s as if you were standing right there on the road at that moment. Superb work, Peter! Please keep up your inspiring work.


2 thoughts on “Recreating Vintage War Photos as Dioramas

  1. kneonknight says:

    Most folks can take decent photos of their action figures, however Peter’s work has that little something extra thet make his photos stand out. The example given here captures all the urgency and immediacy of an actual combat photgraph-you can almost smell the cordite and burning diesel fuel, and you can definitely feel the tension as these soldiers hurry across the open ground, scanning their surroundings for any sign of the enemy. The poses of the figures, composition of the shot, the backdrop and use of natural materials to tie the whole together is what sets this photograph apart from the usual “here’s my Joes in the sandbox” offering.

    Outstanding work, Peter, I do hope you will continue to share your vision with us.

  2. GIJOEBILL says:

    A true artist with the Joe’s and camera!!

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