JOhio GIjOE Club Largest in the U.S.

The JOhio GIjOE Collector’s Club continues to grow, providing a haven for fans and collectors of the ever-popular 3.75-inch line of GIjOEs in the great state of Ohio. The JOhio group has regular meetings at local restaurants, member homes and other area attractions. According to the club’s website,

Our group’s existence can be traced back to our first meeting on March 2nd, 2002.  It has since become the largest local group of GIjOE Collectors in the nation. We are a group of local and near-local GIjOE collectors, based out of the State of Ohio, who support each other and help bring a deeper level of appreciation for our collective pastime. In doing so, we assemble locally and also function as an online community. Anyone residing in states adjacent to Ohio are welcome to participate as well. Our group is free to join, and has no fees or dues of any kind. We are also recognized by the Hasbro-sponsored GIjOE Collector’s Club as an official local division.”

The JOhio club website is full of great pictures from past and recent events, showing members and their families playing, trading and talking about the world’s greatest action figure. One recent event even included the launching of a weather balloon as a test for future flights and possible parachuting or videos. According to another member,

“We won’t be flying any Joes this time but if all goes well with this flight, we should be able to schedule a JoeDrop in the spring. I’m planning on putting my GoPro camera on the payload so we should have some flight video. If I can swing it, I’ll also try to put a GIjOE or a Transformer in the field of view of the camera.”

Wow! With balloons and cameras involved, Joe “parachuting action” is likely to follow soon. Sounds like a really cool idea. We wish members of the JOhio GIjOE Collector’s Club all the best with their future plans. GO JOE!


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