Rick Pelletier’s Amazing 1/6th Scale “Joe Room”

Rick’s amazing miniature Joe Room in 1/6th scale. (Photo: Joemanri) Click to enlarge.

“Joemanri” aka Rick Pelletier over at the Trenches forum has posted photos of an amazing 1/6th diorama he’s created of a miniature GIjOE Room. Complete with miniature shelves, carpets and tables, the diorama showcases numerous miniature Joes, Batman toys, superhero figures and even a little dog on the floor with a GIjOE in his mouth. Everything is to scale and perfect. According to Rick…

“Since it is not an entirely fixed dio, I expect it to be changing and I’ll be adding more as time goes on. Right now it’s in what I would call the “damn near done” state. I ordered LED lighting, and will install that with the ceiling and a few other goodies soon. As for the small Joes, the boxed ones are 2004 Takara, from Hong Kong, never released in the US. The others are 1/35th scale models I built years ago.”

What a stunning achievement. AMAZING work, Rick. It’s a miniature masterpiece. Congratulations!


3 thoughts on “Rick Pelletier’s Amazing 1/6th Scale “Joe Room”

  1. Rick says:

    Thanks Mark, keep looking as it will be an evolving/revolving display. I don’t intend on making it anything permanent, like our own Joe Rooms it will be constantly changing!
    I’m grateful to be collecting Joes in 2 scales, it is a bit of a trip, though! Me, my Joes, and my Joe’s Joes isn’t enough, I have some Micro Machines I’ve been thinking of tossing into the mixture??


  2. kneonknight says:

    Excellent work, Rick. I had a similar idea about using 1/35th scale models to represent “Joes for my Joes” in a miniature Joe room. However, my daughter adamantly refused to surrender any space in her doll house for the project. Thankfully, her mom isn’t as stubborn, or I’d be collecting something boring like stamps.

    I guess I’ll just have to mount a couple of shelves in the AT headquarters. I’ll also throw in a coffemaker so my Joes can have a cup of joe while admiring their Joes. Hows that for redundancy?

  3. Rick says:

    1/35 is perfect! You just gotta build them, I had mine sitting around, built years ago, not enough room for others, maybe a rotating display? Joe, Cousin Joe, Uncle Joe, and Officer Joe would surely like a Joe pot in there, great idea! Maybe a mini DD Box o’ Joe would be cool?


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