DFW GIjOE Club Continues to Grow———and Grow!

As you know, “Everything’s Bigger in Texas,” and the Dallas-Ft. Worth GIjOE Collector’s Club is apparently no exception. This large local division continues to grow, to the point where they’re now meeting EVERY month, all year-round. Here’s the “411 Intel” on this amazing group from the Lone Star State in their own words:

“The Dallas / Fort Worth G.I. Joe Collectors Club was founded in 1999. We are a group of collectors, of GIjOE and various other action figures, who meet monthly in the D-FW area. We are also customizers, diorama builders and retailers of 1/6th and 3 3/4” scale action figures. 

Greg Brown of the DFW GIjOE Club

Our goal is to provide all collectors, in and around Texas, with a regular place and time to meet other collectors, exchange collecting and customizing ideas or tips and swap or sell gear. All with the comradery of friends!

Our meetings are held monthly, typically on the first Saturday of the month, but due to holiday/convention conflicts, occasionally meetings are bumped back to the second Saturday of a month. The chapter maintains a lively calendar of events and activities that include the following: Competitive Diorama Building, Custom Figure Contests, Community Service, Monthly Swap Meets, Speakers, Classes, Field-Trips and Museum Open House Displays.”

Bill Lawrence of the DFW GIjOE Club

Wow! Now THIS is a club. In addition to all the above, they also sponsor the Great Texas GIjOE & Action Figure Expo and create their own exclusive figures complete with uniforms, equipement and boxes. To learn more about this amazing group, you can sign up for their Yahoo club forum or visit them on Facebook. These guys are ALL OVER the Internet. Oh! And don’t miss their cool VIDEO about them on their website. It is GREAT!


One thought on “DFW GIjOE Club Continues to Grow———and Grow!

  1. Condor says:

    I’d be interested in learning more about the DFW club. I’ve lived here in Lucas the past 10 years, so I’m out in the sticks, and probably a haul to your club meetings. But I was a GI Joe vehicle designer for Hasbro from 86-89, and then did freelance for them and many other toy companies long after that. Maybe there’s something I could bring to “the party” in terms of stories, information, or insights.

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