ZCWO Construction Worker Equipment Set

Here’s an absolutely ASTOUNDING new 1/6th scale construction worker’s uniform/work table/equipment set that you’ll want to know all about. It’s LOADED with highly detailed items. Take a look at all the PHOTOS over on the Trenches forum and prepare to be amazed. It’s like a complete “Diorama in a Box!” Of course, all this great stuff isn’t going to be cheap. It looks like it’ll retail around $100 (w/no figure). But if you can afford it, this looks to be one set to “git while the gittin’s good!”


One thought on “ZCWO Construction Worker Equipment Set

  1. kneonknight says:

    This is the item where the wife put her foot down. She said having me wandering around the house looking for my screwdrivers was quite enough, she didn’t need Joe underfoot doing the same.

    All that aside, this stuff would make excellent clutter for a motor pool or maintenance bay, or your civilian garage. As noted in the original article, the price is around $100.00 U.S., but when you look at how much most of us invest into our hobby, it’s not that bad. I may still sneak one in through the back door, and check out the possibility of making some castings of the hand tools for my mechanics’ tool bags.

    Just don’t tell the missus, okay?

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