New RI, CT, MA, NH GIjOE Club Forming

EXCLUSIVE to The Joe Report:

There’s always room for a new GIjOE club, and FINALLY there’s going to be one for fans in the Northeastern U.S. Collector Anthony Palumbo provides more details:

“I was at jomanri’s house last Sunday and we were talking about the lack of GIjOE clubs around. He mentioned that he had tried a few times to get things going in the past, but just couldn’t. I feel that if I can get a basic website up and running and show that we’re a real club, it will work. I am working on the new site now as we speak. As soon as things shape up a bit more, I will notify The Joe Report of the new site’s address. Any help in spreading the word would be appreciated. We’re hoping to attract fans from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. All are only a matter of minutes or hours away. Thanks so much!”

This is exciting and long overdue news for fans and collectors in those states. Stay tuned for future updates on their progress!


2 thoughts on “New RI, CT, MA, NH GIjOE Club Forming

  1. Rick says:

    You forgot Maine and Vermont if we’re gonna be New England GI Joe Collectors Club!

    Rick, AKA Joemanri

  2. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You guys will work it all out, I’m sure. Good luck!

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