G.I. Joe Fans Stunned by UK’s 1:6 Scale Rail Gun

(Photo: Kampfgruppe von Abt)

Achtung! Those amazing guys with the Kampfgruppe von Abt club in the UK have done it again. They continue to raise the bar to such extreme heights of customizing excellence it boggles the imagination. It appears that if they can DREAM it, they can BUILD it. It seems that nothing is out of the range of their abilities. Most of us could never hope to imagine, much less realize the things they are doing: 1/6th trains, V-2s, submarines, the list goes on and on. Clearly, they are the world’s foremost group of modeling, building and customizing experts. This time, they’ve built a 1/6th scale German rail gun. If you know anything about the WW2 rail guns, they were artillery pieces that were so BIG, the only way they could move them around was on a railroad track. One of Germany’s Wunderwaffes, or “Wonder Weapons,” these guns were absolutely gargantuan.

Bottom Line: Take a look at the slideshow on their website. Once you’re sufficiently humbled by their accomplishments, try to work your way through some of the other shows they’ve created. Then scrape yourself off the floor and crawl away in disbelief.


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