Astounding 1:6 Scale Dauntless Dive Bomber

Tom Pierce and his Dauntless before its first and ONLY flight. (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Tom Pierce and his Dauntless before its first and ONLY flight. (Photo: Tom Pierce)

For the 1/6th scale collector who thinks he has everything…well, you don’t! Not unless you have the amazing skills and talents of Tom Pierce. Tom is so talented he was able to build himself this astounding 1/6th scale Dauntless Dive Bomber. His masterpiece won many awards including a “Best of Show” that netted him a solid gold trophy worth over $10,000. Unfortunately (hold onto to something for this), Tom’s masterpiece crashed and was destroyed on its FIRST flight. CAN YOU IMAGINE? ARRGH!!!!! Tom seems to have taken the loss remarkably well however, saying…

“I finished my SBD-5 Dauntless after 1,800 hours and 16 months of building. Unfortunately, I lost her on her maiden flight, so I can’t tell you a lot about how she flies. I’ll really miss this sweetheart.”

Words can barely describe how cool this is!

Imagine the limitless diorama possibilities with a plane llike this! (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Over at the OneSixthWarriors forum, “Manfred” offered additional insight regarding what’s involved in building, detailing and flying such intricate miniature aircraft…

“This world of RC aviation is a completely different universe and NOT for the weak of heart. Be warned, before you go out and drop a bombload of dough on your favorite 1/6th scale warbird, the learning curve is steep and you need to start out with a simple 3 or 4 channel trainer plane, preferably with the guidance of an experienced instructor.”

Astounding detail in the cockpit. (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Astounding detail in the cockpit. (Photo: Tom Pierce)

“It is impossible to buy and fly a warbird without months or even YEARS of practice on easier and more forgiving planes. These scale ships have flaps, retracts, throttles, directional control surfaces, bomb drops and some have full lighting and folding wing options.”

Gunner seat with twin-50s (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Gunner seat with twin-50s (Photo: Tom Pierce)

“Owning aircraft capable of lifting 12″ers into the sky is fun. Many Dragon and BBI figures have made it up into the air. I have even seen some guys modify the pilot’s head with a servo to make it swivel. But flying a 1/6th Corsair and making a simulated strafing pass over the runway and then banking to port is another dimension altogether. It is airwar recreation at its finest!”

That’s right. STEP IN… to a 1:6 scale world of adventure! (Photo: Tom Pierce)

Even the underside is fully detailed. (Photo: Tom Pierce) Click to enlarge.

Gunner checks out his station. (Photo: Tom Pierce) Click to enlarge.

Very well said! Take a look at the photos of this amazing machine. When your jaw is off the floor, if you’d like to learn more about all the work Tom put into this beautiful plane, visit the website he created about it HERE.

4 thoughts on “Astounding 1:6 Scale Dauntless Dive Bomber

  1. kneonknight says:

    What an stunningly beautiful piece of work. It is an absolute tragedy that she crashed on her first flight. I recall how heartbroken I was when a 1/32 P40 Warhawk I had spent months building and detailing fell from the ceiling and shattered; I can only imagine the years of therapy I would require should I destroy such an awesome bird. I can only say that Mr. Pierce is made of far sterner stuff than I am.

    • Mike James says:

      Therapy? Wouldn’t a grown-up realize, from the outset, that one risks a crash when one flies a model? One ought to be philosophical about these things. But I mourn along with you.

      Easy for me to say, I know, although I have built ‘em and crashed ‘em, long years ago. Static display only, for that level of detail. A beautiful example of the art–I wouldn’t have the guts to fly it.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Wow, I love that plane!
    Speaking of its one and only flight, it reminds me of the Spruce Goose lol
    Ok, not really, but that thing is big! I love the figures too.

  3. Steve says:

    A beautiful work of art from a highly talented artist and builder. My hats off to you Tom Pierce for,this absolutely stunning masterpiece!


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